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Certificate in Tree Maintenance for Properties

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On completion of the programme, learners will be able to:

a.) engage qualified professionals for undertaking tree works according to relevant ordinances, guidelines and standards.

b.) supervise tree maintenance operations for properties and facilities with consideration of basic tree biology and arboriculture knowledge that are complied with government regulations and requirements.

c.) conduct basic visual tree inspection for properties and facilities and refer to professional to undertake detailed tree risk assessment and associated mitigation measures.

Entry Requirements:

Entry Requirements

- Completion of S6 under the new academic structure / S5 under the old academic structure, or equivalent AND 1 year’s relevant work experience; or
- Completion of programme Certificate in Basic Tree Biology and Arboriculture at QF Level 2 or QF Level 2 programme that is deemed acceptable to the Applied Science Programme Board for Science Programmes; or
- At least 3 years’ relevant work experience that is deemed appropriate by Applied Science Programme Board for Science Programmes AND a pass in an entrance assessment, which can be an oral and/or written form.
- Mature applicants, i.e. those aged 21 or above with at least two years’ relevant work experience, may also be accepted. Where appropriate, may be required to pass an entrance assessment, which can be in an oral and/or written form.

Venue:IVE (Sha Tin)



Contact Hours: 72
QF Level:


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Validity Period:

01/07/2020 To 31/08/2021

Programme Enquiry: Mr Chris HO, Tel: 2256 7127, Email:

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